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Cricbet99 presents an unconventional registration process, raising concerns about transparency and safety. This review delves into its features, covering registration, bonuses, deposits, withdrawals, mobile application, sportsbook, casino, betting types, live betting, and security.

Key Takeaways

  • Cricbet99’s registration process lacks transparency, requiring users to contact support via WhatsApp or email.
  • Limited access prevented thorough exploration of bonuses, but references suggest a 50% welcome bonus and occasional promotions.
  • Deposits involve contacting customer support through WhatsApp, raising safety concerns; withdrawals require UPI details verification.
  • The mobile app supports Android and iOS, with instructions for downloading available on the official website.
  • Cricbet99 covers a wide range of sports, including cricket, football, tennis, Kabaddi, and even political event betting.
  • Betting options include national teams, tournaments, exchanges, man of the match, odds, chain, patent, system, and lucky bets.
  • Live betting is supported, providing real-time odds adjustments during ongoing sports events.
  • The casino section features a diverse array of games, but security concerns, including a lack of license visibility, arise.
  • The registration and deposit processes, as well as the undisclosed owner’s identity, contribute to safety concerns.
  • The website claims a Curacao license, but its absence on the official site raises doubts about its validity in India.
  • Customer support is available through email and WhatsApp, with an additional telephonic channel.
  • While Cricbet99 offers services suitable for Indian users, concerns over security and transparency prompt caution.
  • A recommended alternative list includes trusted betting companies like Becric, Yolo247, Fun88, Parimatch, and Betway.

Cricbet99 Sign Up & Login Process

The registration process deviates from the norm, requiring users to explore the login form or contact support via email. Safety concerns prompted reliance on a Demo account for review purposes.


Post-registration, logging in is straightforward by entering the username and password.

Cricbet99 Bonuses and Promotions

Limited access hinders a comprehensive review, but references hint at a 50% welcome bonus and periodic promotions.

Cricbet99 Deposits

Depositing involves contacting customer support through WhatsApp, initiating a payment link, and awaiting balance updates.

Cricbet99 Withdrawals

The withdrawal process entails logging in, selecting a payment mode, entering the amount, and verifying UPI details.

Cricbet99 Mobile Application

Cricbet99 caters to digital preferences, offering a mobile app for Android and iOS users via the official website.

Cricbet99 Sportsbook

The platform covers diverse sports, including cricket, football, tennis, Kabaddi, and political event betting.

Betting Types

Various betting categories encompass national teams, tournaments, exchanges, man of the match, odds, chain, patent, system, and lucky bets.

Live Betting

Cricbet99 provides live sports telecasts, aiding users in making real-time, informed betting decisions.

Cricbet99 Casino Review

The casino section boasts an extensive game selection, from Super over to Roulette, offering diverse entertainment.

How to Play Cricbet99 Bets

Post-registration and deposit, betting involves logging in, selecting an event, exploring betting options, setting a budget, and confirming the bet.

Why Should I Avoid Betting on Cricbet99?

Safety concerns arise from unconventional registration processes, lack of owner information, and the use of WhatsApp for payments.

Cricbet99 Security and Licensing

Absence of registration information on the official site and doubts regarding the Curacao license raise concerns about the platform’s safety and legitimacy.

Customer Support at Cricbet99

Support is accessible through email, WhatsApp, and telephonically, but the unconventional registration process persists.

Our Verdict

Cricbet99 provides services appealing to Indian users, but safety concerns warrant thorough research. A list of recommended alternatives emphasizes established platforms.


Betting involves financial risks, and this content is for educational purposes only. Users are advised to exercise caution and conduct personal research before engaging with Cricbet99 or similar platforms.

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